The Workout Begins…

We’ve established our goals. For the sake of a baseline, I’ll use mine. I was 250 pounds and grossly out of shape. My goal was 185 pounds with definition and a reinvigorated level of endurance. The idea was to lose the weight first then adjust to more definition. So, for my starting workout, I was going to go to the gym (Planet Fitness) four days a week. I wanted to go on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday. Great! Now how do I fit that into my schedule?

When I first started, I tried going after work. I get off work at 5:00. By the time I got to Planet Fitness from work, it was already 5:45. Workout for an hour. Go home, eat dinner, take a shower and it’s 8:00 PM already! Barely time to relax, maybe watch a TV show and get ready for work the next day and it’s bed time. Plus, my energy level after a full day of work was really low. OK, the after work workout wasn’t going to work. So, I adjusted. I made the decision to wake up an hour and 15 minutes earlier every day. I then mapped out pretty much every minute and this would work. Be at the gym by 6AM, do my workout, take a shower and still be in work by 8AM. This is the schedule I went with. It’s the schedule I use to this day (except I do 6 days a week now). Now, I don’t work on weekends so my Sunday workouts could be any time that I wanted.

That’s the schedule now what’s the workout? In the beginning, it was pretty simple. A LOT of cardio and a little weights. My original workout schedule:

Monday – 30 Minutes Cardio (Treadmill), 3 Sets of 10 Reps each: Seated Bicep Curls, Seated Arm Extension, Seated Ab Crunch

Wednesday – 30 Minutes Cardio (Treadmill), 3 Sets of 10 Reps each: Seated Ab Crunch, Torso Extension, Overhead Lift

Friday – Same as Monday

Sunday – Same as Wednesday

For those of you who may not know what machines or equipment I’m referring to, here’s some photos for reference:

bicep-curl-machineBicep Curl Machine

copy-of-ab-crunch-machineSeated AB Crunch Machine

torsoTorso Machine

tricepmachinepressArm Extension Machine

overhead-liftOverhead Lift Machine

Now, some of these machines may vary in appearance depending on where you go but generally they’ll look at least something like this.

Start off with a weight that you’re comfortable with. Not comfortable after one rep, comfortable after all ten reps in your set. Then, increase that weight by 5 pounds. That is the weight you’ll be working out with for the beginning of your workout regimen. You’ll be doing 3 sets of 10 reps each.

**Sets and reps are the terms used to describe the number of times you perform an exercise. A rep is the number of times you perform a specific exercise, and a set is the number of cycles of reps that you complete. For example, suppose you complete 15 reps of a bench press. You would say you’ve completed “one set of 15 reps.” A set can be any number of reps, so if you complete 10 reps of a bench press, you would say you’ve completed “one set of 10 reps,” and if you complete just five reps, then that would be “one set of five reps.” **

There’s your starting workout. Now, get to your local gym, sign up and get moving!!

Next, we’re going to talk about Motivation and How to Stay Motivated

Look for that blog on February 4th.

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