Workout Motivation and Staying Motivated

Wow, this is really a tough one to write. What motivates you? Why do you want to be fit? Why do you want to look in the mirror and see a fit person rather than the person that you look at and think “Man, I am out of shape!”?

Everyone has their own reasons for getting motivated. Maybe there’s that hot guy or girl at the office that you want to notice you. Maybe you want to be the person that, when you go to the pool in the Summer, everyone checks you out. Maybe you just want to feel better. Or, it could be any one of the those things or none of them. What I’m going to provide here is the one motivating factor that maybe you haven’t thought of…..Selfishness.

Now, many people think in terms of “I want to be alive to see my son/daughter get married.” “I want to be fit enough to play with my grandchildren.” To coin a 90’s phrase…YADA, YADA, YADA. I’m going to be exceptionally blunt here. Those are all bullshit reasons. The only sustainable motivation to get and stay fit is because you want to do it for YOURSELF.


If you’re getting up, going to the gym, dieting (I DESPISE that word) and trying to get fit for anyone other than yourself, you WILL fail.

I have been and will always be a firm believer that, if you don’t love yourself, you’re incapable of loving anyone else. Your first obligation must be to yourself. You have to want to do this for YOU. It’s fine to have getting that hot guy or girl to notice you as a secondary priority but it will never last for long as a primary motivation.

I want you to do a small experiment for me. Get in a room alone. Totally undress. Stand in front of a mirror. Stare at yourself for a good, long time. Get to know your body and what it looks like. Look at every inch of it. Then I want you to close your eyes. I want you to think of and feel all the things that being out of shape and not eating right is doing to you. Do you sleep well? Do you have frequent indigestion? When you run for very short distances, do you get winded and feel pained? If a friend asks you to help them move something, do you have to think twice because you’re not sure you can lift it? At the end of a day’s work, do you feel worn out? Do you have frequent aches & pains?And then ask yourself one last question.

Do these things make me happy?

Unless you’re a masochist, I’m quote sure that the answer to that last question will be a resounding NO!


So, how do you get motivated to get started? You think of all the things that you’ll be subtracting from your life. All the aches, pains, indigestion, bad feelings you’ll be abandoning. And then you go and dump them one at a time.

How do you STAY motivated? Whenever there’s self doubt, whenever you question why you’re doing this. Just STOP. Stop and think. Do you want all those bad things back?

I’ll say again, unless you’re a masochist, the answer will be a resounding NO!

Love you, treat you with kindness. People wonder why everyone says that exercising is addictive. It’s not. What IS addictive is the feeling you get when you get the results of your exercise and right eating. And that’s the kind of addiction you can definitely get behind.


Next up: The Highs & The Lows – Coming February 4


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