Vitamins, Supplements & Shakes, Oh My!

Let’s Juice up! Athletes use steroids and I want that John Cena body!

Let’s face facts. If you want to get illegal steroids, it’s easy. Just going to Planet Fitness, I can tell you there’s at LEAST four different people that I’m relatively sure I could buy them from. It’s easy and it’s dangerous. You’ll kill yourself with steroids or, at the very least, do serious damage to your body. Isn’t the goal here to get healthier?? Yes, that’s the goal and you’re not going to reach it by doing this…

Steroid Muscles

Now, I’m not doing this without a little support. During the weight loss period of my journey, I would often have a protein shake for breakfast. I highly recommend Body Fortress Whey Protein Powder in the chocolate flavor. It’s yummy and it’s filling. And, speaking of protein, You definitely want to increase your protein intake when you start on and continue your journey to life change. Protein makes your body work harder to digest. Therefore, you are actually burning calories while you’re digesting! Also, proteins are the building blocks for muscle. Just a little side note.

I also take vitamins daily. I take a multivitamin, B Complex and Fish Oil. I also take what is known as a “pre-workout”. A pre-workout supplement is something that you’re probably not going to want to introduce early on in your life transformation. It’s not so much for weight loss as for helping to jack up your workout and build muscle. You’re not going to necessarily be looking to build muscle in the first phases of your life transformation. You’re first going to be looking to burn fat. Which is not to say that building SOME muscle is a bad thing. Toning your muscles is a good way to accelerate the fat burning process. You’re just not going to make muscle building the focus of your early transformation.

Back to the pre-workout. The one I use is “Six-Star Explosion” and it’s available at Walmart. It’s also cheaper and provides just as much of everything as the more expensive brands. The keys you’re looking for in a pre-workout is that they contain more creatine than caffeine. I get it, the pre-workout shake is supposed to be an energy booster. However, if that was the goal of taking a pre-workout, I’d just as soon drink a Red Bull. The creatine is key. It builds muscle and gives you more of that “body builder” look.

That’s it, that’s all I use and all I’ve ever used. I used the vitamins and protein shakes from day one. I added in the pre-workout after I’d achieved my goal weight. In my honest opinion, you don’t need anything else. Now, there will be a TON of body builders who would disagree with me but I stand by this and have the results to prove it.


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