Why Are You Doing This?

I know, in a previous blog, I touched on having to be doing this lifestyle change for yourself but I wanted to expound on that point a little here.

I want you to really think about why you’re changing your whole life. Why are you shaking up everything to get healthy? I see, every day, the people that came and signed up at the gym in January. The place is packed like it never is any other time of the year. These new people, I like to call the “Resolutionaries”.

These are the people that decided, some of them in December 31st, to “get fit in the New Year!” And the vast majority of them will be gone come March. Back to their “normal”, unhealthy lives. I am seriously NOT judging anyone. This is simply the cold, hard truth. I saw it last year and I’m starting to see it again this year. However, there is a very minute group of Resolutionaries that stay. After that new gym smell wears off, they remain. They’re the ones that are doing what they do for the right reasons. The others, the failed Resolutionaries, did it either for the wrong reasons or in the wrong way.

What is the “wrong reasons and the wrong way” you ask? They came to the gym expecting miracles. And, when those miracles didn’t occur, they threw up their hands and went to Waffle House for some comfort food. Wrong reasons? How about “because my friend is doing it”, “because I just got divorced and I want to attract men/women” or, my favorite, “He/she dumped me. I’m going to show them!”. Ah yes, the dreaded “revenge body”. Wrong way? Try going in to the gym and trying to pump every weight they have. Going to the gym but not changing the way you eat. These are the wrong reasons and the wrong way.

Then there’s the Resolutionaries that stayed. Every day, I see a young lady. She is morbidly obese. She has no idea that I watch her (and not in a creepy way). She gets on that damn treadmill every day. The sweat pours off her as she continues forward on her journey. I look at her for no other reason than admiration. She, I’d be willing to bet, is doing this for the RIGHT reason. And, there is only ONE right reason. FOR YOURSELF. To feel better, to live longer, to enjoy the time you live. That, and only that, is the right reason!

The right way? There is only ONE right way.to do this. NO fad diets (paleo, Clean 30, etc…). NO splurging in the beginning. Cleanse yourself. Allow yourself to ONLY eat good things. NO MORE FAST FOOD! McDonald’s is the devil! Want to know how to recognize an unacceptable diet? Any dietary change that tries to remove something from your daily eating is total and complete bullshit. Now, don’t think that I’m saying that anything that removes Mickey D’s double cheeseburgers is wrong. I’m not. If it removes carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sugars or any other NATURAL thing that your body NEEDS, it’s a fad diet and it’s bullshit. Eat fruit, vegetables, meats, breads. Just eat them in a measured and moderate way. You’ll lose weight the right way, gradually.

One last thing. Do not set your expectations to unrealistic levels. You CANNOT lose 20 pounds in one week in any way that is even remotely healthy! It must be gradual and something that you work for.

You fought hard to get to this weight. You’re going to have to fight just as hard to lose it.

Now go FIGHT!

– Next Blog Sunday February 16 – Topic TBD – See you then!

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