I’m Really Not That Good at This

So, here I am. I’m writing a fitness blog. I’m trying to teach people in my life how to get and stay fit. I’m preaching health every chance I get. And…

I’m a smoker.

Yup, Mr. “Old & Fit” smokes a pack and a half a day. Now, understand that I AM trying to quit. I’ve recently started taking Chantix. However, I still smoke.


And there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that I’m going to let that stop me from fixing everything else that I’ve been doing that’s unhealthy.

If you had a car that doesn’t have great air conditioning but everything else was perfect, would you scrap it? Would you stop fixing the brakes and changing the oil? Of course not! You’d try and fix the A/C while still maintaining everything else.

Never EVER let one thing in your life that’s not perfect effect all the good things you’re doing! If you can’t seem to get your diet right, but you’re exercise routine is on point, keep exercising and work on your diet. Don’t fall into the “I can’t do this” trap because you CAN. I fully recognize that I may not be able to quit smoking. But I’m damn sure going to keep trying. I’ve set a quit date of March 15, 2017. If I miss that date, I’ll set a new one and try and not do again what I did wrong in my first attempt. Eventually, I’ll probably get it right and stop smoking. Because I CAN do it.


And so can you!

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