You Say You Want a Resolution?

Ladies & Gentlemen, they’re gone. The Resolutionaries are gone. Just like that, February left us and, with it, the fakers. Now, that is a very judgmental way to describe them, I know but the reality is, that’s what they are. These are the people that made a resolution on New Year’s Eve to get fit and lose weight in the New Year. They came equipped with their fad diets, pricey workout clothes and a wide eyed “Deer in the headlights” look. Some of them went to the only piece of equipment they vaguely recognized, the treadmill, and started running as fast as they could….for all of two minutes. Some of them just wandered around the gym with no idea what to do. They go from one piece of equipment to the next with no earthly idea how to operate it. Then, after a few early morning sessions at the gym, they wake up to their 4:30 alarm, hit the snooze button and say “I just don’t feel like going to the gym today.”


These people come specifically to Planet Fitness because they don’t have to sign a contract. They’re paying month to month so they can just cancel at any time. There’s zero commitment. Why do I get judgmental about them you ask? Because if you’re going to make a resolution, KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU’RE RESOLVING TO DO! If I buy something for $20 (the current monthly Planet Fitness charge) I would insist on having the directions for use and reading them. Planet Fitness goes one better than that. They actually offer, for free, someone to walk you through the use of the machines! But the faker Resolutionaries don’t use that resource. They know what they’re doing!

In reality, they have no clue what they’re doing but they’re not invested enough to learn. Getting fit is a commitment. A lifetime commitment that cannot be taken too lightly. The Resolutionaries don’t know that and aren’t willing to learn. I’ve always said there’s a huge difference between stupid and ignorant. Ignorant is you don’t know. Stupid is you’re not willing to learn. The fakers are the ones not willing to learn and there are many of them.

Another sure sign of a Resolutionary is the ones sitting on a piece of equipment and texting or browsing the internet rather than working out. They are the ones getting in the way of those that really ARE trying. And that’s just wrong. If 1000 people come to the gym after a New Year’s resolution, probably 75% of them won’t make it through February. I have no basis in fact for those numbers other than my personal observance but I’d bet I’m accurate.

So, please don’t be discouraged when you go into the gym and you can’t get to the piece of equipment you need to use because some Resolutionary is texting his plans for the evening. Just look around you and try to get on a different machine or on the free weights. Remember, it’s not always how much you exercise, it’s also THAT you exercise. Keep moving no matter who or what stands in your way. And, don’t worry, they’ll be gone soon.

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