Consistency, the Root of All Good

“Goals, Goals, Goals” – Sometimes I feel like that’s all I ever hear in regards to fitness. “What is your goal?” “Have you reached your goal weight?”, yada yada yada…(forgive the 90’s reference but I AM old, remember).


I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have goals. But goals are not what will drive you to a healthy lifestyle. There is no final goal. There are intermediate goals and there are temporary goals. But there can be no “end goal”. Think of them more as markers along the way. I’ve reached the weight I want to be, marker reached. I’ve achieved a personal high in bench press, marker reached.

When we set an end goal, we’ve removed all of our inspiration and, by extension, all of our drive. If I’d have said that my final goal was to weigh 185 pounds and be able to bench press 115 pounds for 3 sets of 12 reps, I would have stopped my fitness journey months ago and would probably be gaining weight and losing muscle as we speak.

Consistency is the only way to reach and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You must consistently be trying to better yourself if you are going to be healthy. Does that mean that you have to strive to break world records in bench press? Hell no. What it means is that when you get to a place that you feel comfortable, make yourself uncomfortable. Then again and again. There will eventually come a time that your body is going to say “OK, that’s all I’ve got”. Have you reached your final destination? Nope! That’s when you learn how to maintain what you’ve achieved. And there is more consistency involved there than at any other point in our journey. You must find your level and then consistently maintain it. And, when you do that? Eventually your body is going to signal you that it’s ready for more. And the journey continues.

Now, consistency might sound boring but it’s not. I want you to think how much of what you CAN do now that you COULDN’T do before. Marvel in that. Cherish it.Use that to be your inspiration. Even if it means you can do one more push-up or pull-up than you could 2 months ago. You HAVE achieved something. Build on that.


Although what I’m about to say is extremely cliche’, that doesn’t mean it’s not extremely true…

Life isn’t about the destination, it’s all about the journey.


Until next time – Stay fit my friends.

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