I Can’t Eat THAT!!

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard people say that. “I can’t eat that cake!” “Pizza?? Oh my god! That’s not on my diet!” Hell, I’ve said it. And, in the beginning, it was true. I was closely counting calories and I wasn’t willing to spend my daily allotment on one piece of cake or a slice of pizza. Remember, counting calories is basically the secret of life when you’re trying to lose weight. But also, counting GOOD calories is the way to change your lifestyle. If you have a designated 1500 calories a day, using them all on a handful of Pringles or a slice of chocolate lava cake isn’t going to cut it. So, you eat good, nutritious meals that are calorie limited. You work your ass off on the cardio. And you lose weight. Then, one day, you reach the weight you’re comfortable with. For me, that was 185 pounds. Now, I could have continued my calorie counting and judicious, if somewhat crazed, focus on not overeating. And, you know what would have happened? I would have KEPT losing weight. I would have ended up at 175 or 170. And I wouldn’t have felt as good as I do. So, I had to find a balance. I slowly increased my caloric intake while also adjusting my workout regimen. Now I was looking to put on muscle, not lose weight.I was looking to lose that last layer of fat and expose the muscle beneath. I haven’t achieved that completely yet but I’m getting there. But that’s not what this blog is about.

Once you’ve achieved your goal weight (which should be the weight at which you feel best) start eating a few things here and there that you’re eating “just for the taste of it” Retain moderation and good judgement and you’ll be golden. Just two weeks ago or so, I ate pizza. I had three slices and it was freakin’ GLORIOUS! I hadn’t had pizza for about six months prior to that and I may not have it again for another six but I treated myself And I didn’t do a damn thing differently after that. No extra workout, no denying myself a normal meal. I came, I saw, I ate. And I kept going with my life as I’d built it. Back to high protein, greens and carbs as a side. All in moderation. And that, my friends is the real key to lifestyle change. Moderation.

Maintain a moderate lifestyle and you’ll maintain your health. Binge constantly, ignore what you’re eating for the sake of flavor, eat whatever, whenever? You’re done. Denying yourself everything that you love and you’re dieting, not maintaining, Not changing your lifestyle. Dieting, plain and simple. And, as we all know, diets don’t work. Diets are a bandaid on a bullet wound. They’re temporary. One of the key philosophies of Old & Fit is “Never a diet, always a lifestyle change”. That’s the philosophy that works. Not temporarily but permanently.

Can you eat THAT? Yes you can. Just don’t finish it….


Until Next Time – Rock it and keep going!


One thought on “I Can’t Eat THAT!!

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I still need to get to that place where I’m maintaining and there’s still a way to go, but banishing all the guilt etc and enjoying food is totally key. Well done on your achievements!


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