Suddenly, Everything Changes

You’re fat. You’re obese. You’re chubby. Yes, these are not the politically correct terms for being “overweight” but let’s get real. I won’t say we’ve all been described by those terms but I know I have. And then, you make a life change. And those terms no longer apply. The world doesn’t see you in the same light. And you don’t see yourself in that light, either.

Suddenly, everything changes.

I’m not saying it’s an instant change. Oh no, as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, you’ll be thin and in shape and still seeing yourself in the mirror as a “chub”. Then, it will hit you. In my case it sort of hit me all at once. I am better than I was.

Suddenly, the things I previously accepted as the best that I could get weren’t good enough. That food I ate that I LOVED now tasted like dog crap. That job I had that was hard to even motivate myself to go to, wasn’t good enough. The weight loss I’d managed wasn’t good enough. I didn’t need to lose more weight. I needed to do something even better with my new body. I needed to get sculpted, become “built”. And so my views turned. I adjusted my daily workout. I started studying bodybuilding. And I’ve started to see results.

You see, when you’ve accomplished what I pray you all will accomplish along with me, you suddenly realize that there’s nothing you can’t do.

And, just as suddenly, you have the energy and drive to do it!


You’ll look at the things, attitudes, situations and even the people in your life and see them with new eyes. Then, I imagine, once you’re really “built”, you’ll have even a keener eye. A keener attitude and outlook.

And, in my opinion, all those things that you see in a different light, that you no longer deem worthy, should be removed.

I know that sounds cold but hear me out here. All those things that you no longer view as worthwhile additions to your life contributed to what you USED to be. Remove them, discard them. Be HAPPY with everything you see around you. You’ve earned that. And, when you look at your life, I sincerely hope you see this:




Until Next Time – Stay Awesome!

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