I’m Just Not Progressing Fast Enough!

It happens to a lot of us. We’re eating right, we’re busting our ass at the gym, we’re doing everything right! And yet, we’re not seeing the results we expect. We’re not as ripped as that guy over there. We’re not as thin as that girl over there.

Stop that please.

Let me offer a few tips as to how to avoid this “low”.

    • You’re in a competition with ONE person, yourself. There’s always going to be someone more fit and faster. You’re not trying to be Mr. Universe or some supermodel (and, if you are, you’re reading the wrong blog). Don’t hold yourself up to unrealistic goals or role-models. Mr. Universe probably pumped himself full of steroids to get where he is. That supermodel you’re obsessed with becoming probably starves herself and takes excessive amounts of diet pills to get where she is. No, YOU want to make yourself as healthy as you can be within normal means, natural means. The fact that you’re going to probably end up with big biceps, a six-pack or the perfect booty is an extra bonus.
    • It happens. It’s happened to me and, more than likely, it will happen to you. You’re at the gym, you’re struggling through one more set and then you look in the mirror and think “Why the hell am I doing this?”. You MUST counter that with “Because I’m taking care of ME!”. I’ve said it before and, throughout the history of this blog, I’m sure I’ll say it many more times. If you’re not doing this for YOU, you’ll fail. You have to push those thoughts out and replace them with a positive message. Because you know what? Tomorrow you’ll probably be struggling through another set, look in the mirror and think “DAMN! I look great!”
    • When you hit a rough spot, have an inspirational thought that you can turn to. This should be personal. Think in your head something like “I am an animal!!” or think of the most inspirational person in your life or think of a can of tomato sauce. It doesn’t matter. Whatever is inspirational to YOU, have it tucked away in the back of your mind and pull it out when you need it. For me, it’s “Lunas”. I’d never be able to explain that to you in this or many blogs and I don’t ever plan on trying. But that’s MY personal “mantra” if you will. Works every time.
    • Personally, this isn’t one that I’d do but it’s something that some people need badly. Real, live, personal inspiration. But make sure that if you’re going to have a workout partner it’s someone that really understands you and what inspires you. Of course, it’s only right that you do the same for them. I don’t do well with workout partners (maybe I don’t play well with others) but many people do.
    • Throw the damn scale away. Throw away the measuring tapes, the fat calipers. Just look in the mirror. I STRONGLY recommend that if you’re planning on starting on this journey, that you take a picture of yourself now. I made the mistake of not having a good “Before” picture and I deeply regret that. Don’t start until you take a picture. Then you’ll truly be able to see the difference in yourself. Stand in front of the mirror, look at the picture, look at yourself. If you’ve been true to your journey, I guarantee you’ll like what you see. Let THAT be your inspiration.

Please, please PLEASE don’t let a low moment destroy the work you’re doing. You CAN do this! Just like I did….


apron collage

Until Next Time – No Retreat, No Surrender!

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