The Power of Words…

Words…Oh how powerful they are! They can lift us up, tear us down, bring out emotion and turn our lives around. When put together in a rhyme, they can be beautiful or sad or angry. When strung together in a cohesive story, they can paint a picture in our minds.

Words…So powerful and strong.

Today, I want to talk about two words in particular: Gain and Loss.

Those two words can have so many different meanings and can generate so many emotions. To gain money is a wonderful thing. To post a loss in finances is bad. The famous phrase: “What good is it to gain the world but lose your soul?” Generally, Gain is good and Loss is bad.

Except when your journey is weight loss. Then it’s the opposite.

But yet, I still hear people saying “OH MY GOD! I’ve been so damn diligent on my diet and I’ve only lost 1 pound this week!” or “I’ve been on this diet for a month and I’ve only lost four pounds!”

In saying these types of things, you are stripping these very powerful words of their power. That, my friends, is NOT a good thing. You see, you’re stripping them of their power but only on the surface. In reality what you’re doing is distorting their power. The word Loss still has its power but instead of relishing in this one situation when Loss is a good thing, you’ve mutated it into being a bad thing. Instead of having its power to encourage and motivate, it now discourages.

And, continued thinking like that WILL lead to giving up.

Let this word have its positive powers! LOSS! SO powerful, so wonderful. So, you lost one pound in a week? You’re still better than you were last week! So you “only” lost four pounds in the month? YOU’RE FOUR POUND LIGHTER THAN YOU WERE LAST MONTH!!! Celebrate! Rejoice! You are WINNING!!

And, this poor word that spends 99% of its time being a terrible thing? It will get to be the positive thing it wants to be!

Until next time — Rejoice in the journey, my friends….

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