I Can’t Breathe and Chew Bubble Gum at the Same Time…

It’s a basic human impulse.

We Breathe. We do it a lot. On average 17 – 30 thousand times a day!

And yet, when we’re working out, it becomes something we don’t seem to know how to do right. At least I know I don’t.

I don’t do it right when I’m lifting or when I’m working my abs and that is a problem.

Correct breathing isn’t necessarily essential to the gains you’ll get from working out but it certainly is essential to your very ability TO work out. And I do it horribly.

Especially when working my abs, I just can’t seem to get my proper breathing down pat. I find myself holding my breath through entire sets. 12 weighted crunches take probably about a minute and, for that entire minute, I’m holding my breath. Not a really great idea. So lately, I’ve been trying to focus on my breathing. On the up, in through my nose. On the down, out through my mouth. This is going to require a LOT of work on my part because, as I focus on my breathing, I’m losing count of my reps!

What I have found though is, that when I’m breathing properly, I’m stronger and more able to complete my sets and maintain proper form. Of course, this often also results in my doing three extra or a couple of less reps because I have to estimate how many reps I’ve done.

Yeah, I need to work on this…


Until Next Time…..Breathe…..

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